New Hampshire Gov. Chris Sununu

This year, New Hampshire Gov. Chris Sununu has carried on the voter suppressing work of his Granite State GOP colleagues by vetoing multiple pro-voter bills.

In 2017 and 2018, New Hampshire GOP legislators passed bills that disenfranchised voters across New Hampshire. Those bills raised unnecessary barriers to voting and will require students to pay a poll tax in order to vote. Gov. Sununu signed the bills into law even though he said he “hated” a similar bill, which redefines residency and revokes the voting rights of thousands of students who live in New Hampshire. 

After New Hampshire Democrats took control of both the state House and Senate in 2018, they passed passed bills (HB 105, HB 106, SB 67) that would repeal the restrictive voting measures enacted by Republicans. Instead, Gov. Sununu vetoed the bills, therefore keeping in place a modern-day poll tax for New Hampshire voters. 

Gov. Sununu also vetoed HB 706, a bill with broad bipartisan support to establish an independent redistricting commission. Gov. Sununu vetoed the bill even though it would have prevented extreme partisan gerrymandering.

Not only has Gov. Sununu stonewalled bills seeking to prevent voter suppression, he also vetoed four bills that would promote free and fair elections. The four election reform bills (SB 156, SB 68, HB 504, SB 106) would have improved campaign finance reform and increased transparency in elections.

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