Iowa State Senator Roby Smith

Iowa Republican State Senator Roby Smith has placed voter suppression at the core of his platform. 

Smith pushed for the 2017 voter ID bill that raised unnecessary barriers for eligible Iowa voters. The bill also needlessly shortened Iowa’s early voting period and created barriers to voting for Iowa residents who had recently moved to the state. Smith claimed that the voter ID law was needed to prevent voter fraud, but could not prove it is an issue since that is a myth.

This year, Smith proposed a bill with a number of voter suppression measures, including banning early voting on college campuses, implementing across-the-board voting roll purges, closing polling locations early, and disenfranchising Iowa college students.

Smith’s voter suppression tactics were fortunately removed from the bill. But, as the Des Moines Register Editorial Board recommends, “Iowans should work hard to navigate the increasingly convoluted election laws in this state to kick out of office Smith and others who seek to prevent Iowans from having their say.”

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