Arizona State Senator Michelle Ugenti-Rita

In 2019, Republican Arizona State Senator Michelle Ugenti-Rita introduced a whopping four bills to suppress the vote: SB 1046, SB 1072, SB 1188, and SB 1090. 

Two of Ugenti-Rita’s voter suppression bills passed: SB 1090 limits early voting at emergency centers and SB 1072 that requires voters to show specific identification at early voting sites.

Fortunately, the two other bills did not pass in 2019: SB 1046 would have required individuals who receive ballots by mail to return the ballot through the mail, rather than return the ballot to voting centers. SB 1188 would have removed voters from the permanent early voting list just for not voting. The Arizona Secretary of State estimated that SB 1188 would have purged 200,000 voters from the rolls.

Ugenti-Rita is one of the leading voter suppressors in the United States.

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