Ohio Lieutenant Governor Jon Husted

Jon Husted is Ohio’s Republican lieutenant governor and former secretary of state, and one of the nation’s preeminent vote suppressors.

As secretary of state, Husted purged over 2 million Ohioans from the voter rolls, roughly 800,000 of whom were removed for simply not voting. The U.S. Supreme Court dealt a huge blow to fair elections nationwide by upholding his voter purge scheme in Husted v. A Philip Randolph Institute.  Not long after that, Husted’s office issued a directive giving county election administrators the green light to restart the voter purges.

These purges have proven to disproportionately disenfranchise low-income Americans, people of color and Democrats in Ohio, and are viewed as a political benefit for Republicans nationwide.

And that’s not all. Upon taking office as secretary of state in 2011, Husted established specific times for voting across the state, chipping away at locally-established voting polling periods and effectively disenfranchising urban voters facing long lines at polling places.

Husted is now Ohio’s lieutenant governor alongside GOP Governor Mike DeWine.


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